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One of the Tips on How to Choose a Good Condo

Each year, many new quarters have been developed in cities around the world, especially in the big cities like New York, California, London, Paris and so on. One of the reasons is because of the increasing interest of workers or students, who are now looking for a residence as a  place to live in or investment. The number of them who choose to buy a quarter as one of the forms of their investments is also always increasing. It tends to be even more so if the quarter is located in a strategic location as close to the office area, the mall, or close to the university or college. For example, if you live in Singapore, you can take a look at Paya Lebar Quarter, a new condominium or apartment located near the CBD or Central Business District and the Marina Bay Financial District.

Given that fact stated above, it can be considered important for those who want to buy a condominium, either for a place to live or an investment, to know about the ways or tips for choosing a good condo. Thus, one of the tips on how to choose a good condo will be discussed below.

–    Condominium Site Selection

A very cheap price should not be a priority for you. Which should be prioritized by you is a strategic location. Usually, a strategic location can be measured from easy access to the motorway and the alternative road, close to the regional offices, universities, public facilities such as hospitals, banks, mini, and ease of transportation from the area of the condo building. A consideration in terms of the location also affects the selling price of the condo, if you choose a condo with a cheap price but does not have a strategic location, the possibility of the deserted quarters, the price drops, and money you invest in buying the quarter would be futile.