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The importance of surge protector installation

So, what is in your mind when talking about surges? Well, if you want to protect your entire home with 1 product, wish our product can be your best option. For your information, the surge protector can take hit after hit from the power surges and brownouts. It then keeps shielding your home time and time. This is why you can save the amount of money. To be sure that our product can protect your pricey equipment and make it run more effectively, it seems like a good idea to reviews its specification.

Saving energy can be done continuously, as long as the surge protector works. Luckily, you should not deal with its replacement a few years after its first installation. Simply talk, the product is expected life 25 years. It means that you can reduce your electricity bill for about 25 years or even more depending on the lifetime of your device.

It protects your property against power surges and brownouts as mentioned above. If you choose model ES1200, you can use it for single phase 200 amp service. This size type is suitable for your residential need. What is about your commercial need? Don’t worry! We also design surge protectors for three phase amp service for any kind of commercial use. Sadly to say, it may come at more expensive price than model ES1200 for the use of single phase.

An additional benefit of our product is it is applicable either indoor or outdoor. If you prefer outdoor installation, just talk to our professional.

Now, you can change your way to get most effetive energy use by installing surge protector. Of course, you can combine its application with your current energy saving techniques to get most of your effort. Before doing it, make sure that everything will get discussed with the professional to avoid noticing unwanted electrical issues.