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Medicare mistake to avoid when considering Medigap coverage

Well, there are common medicare mistakes to avoid even when you plan to opt for Medicare supplement plans 2018. As we all know, an even small mistake can ruin your dream of getting the best coverage in accordance with your desire and needs. While it is right Medicare will cover the certain portion of your medical costs, you have to spend to amount for it. On the other words, it is not free.

When you want to avoid making Medicare mistakes, make sure you will never miss the deadline to enrol after your leave your job. Unlike those who still work at age 65 and have health insurance policy, you will need to enroll within eight months. If you don’t do it,  it means that you must wait until the next period of enrollment. Then, it makes you can’t benefit from Medigap plan and should pay the health care costs yourself. Sure, no one wants to live without coverage, even more, when they often suffer from the health issues, right?