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Active And Protected Sex With Emoji Condoms

Use of condoms is recommended, particularly in those with high-risk behaviors. The advantages to be gained from the use of condom are easily available, inexpensive and effective in preventing the transmission of HIV or other STIs. Condoms are used only when going to have sex, without the need to continue to use it throughout the day. In addition, the condom does not impair fertility, reduce the production of breast milk, does not caused metabolic disorders, and its effectiveness is quite high. Condom use may affect the sensation of sex, but there are some who believe sex couples still feels great. This is evidenced by the use of condoms can also slow ejaculation compared to not using it. The benefits of the use of condoms prevent transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, prevent unwanted pregnancy, could use together with other contraceptive methods for additional protection in preventing pregnancy, can be used as a backup for other contraceptive methods.

Nowadays, condoms come in so many forms, shape, colors, flavors and so much more. The latest trend is the emoji face condoms that you could get in Rip n Roll online store on their website. With emoji condoms, you could show your mood or emotion before you getting into the “business”. A survey from Match.com singles in the US related to the already found that they are who more often use emoji appeared to have a more active sex life than those who do not. They even tend to be more frequent dating and two times more likely to want to get married. The most likely explanation is that emoji tend to show more self-expression, which in turn becomes more sexually active. You could be more active yet still protected and safe with emoji face condoms. Get them now at Rip n Roll online store to collect the 12 emoji face condoms.